Our Basler microprocessor-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR) are complete excitation systems that include essential features like 0.25% voltage regulation and PID control for enhanced system response.

These AVRs include all of the high end functions of far more expensive excitation systems, such as over/under excitation limiters, VAR/PF control, generator protection, annunciation of generator system conditions. PulseWidth Modulated power stages help with nonlinear loads, and negative forcing power stages help with power system stability. These devices are the ultimate in functionality, flexibility, and adaptability.

Basler Electric’s wide range Automatic Voltage Regulators and Digital Excitation Control products places Powerdist in the premier position to provide customers with an Excitation System solution for any new generator instalation or retrofit application.

The AVR DECS product lines provide reliability with superior performance required to support the power industry around the world.

There are hundreds of thousands of Basler AVR’s and more than 5,000 Basler excitation systems, installed world-wide on generators rated up to 1,000MVA. Our local client base includes Snowy Hydro, TRUenergy, AGL, Hydro Tasmania, PNG Power, Alcoa, Santos, BHP Billiton, Incitec, etc. and many remote power stations around Australia that are fitted with the probably the most reliable AVR (type SR-A) ever made which has been in production for nearly 50 years.

DECS-250 AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator

One DECS-250 Digital Excitation Control System can accommodate 32Vdc, 63Vdc, or 125Vdc applications up to 15Adc. This unique flexibility provides precision control of virtually any size generators. The DECS-250 also incorporates a pulse width modulated power stage, which improves system performances in non-linear load applications. The DECS-250 is also a like for like replacement of the Basler Electric DECS-200.

Features of the DECS-250 AVR include:

True RMS sensing, single or three phase

Up to 125V DC, 15A DC power output

0.25% Voltage Regulation Accuracy

Self-tuning for automatic PIC Gains setup

20 standard stability selections plus a user customizable stability selection

Optional Power System Stabiliser (PSS)

Paralleling compensation (DROOP and Line drop compensation)

Underfrequency compensation or V/Hz Ratio Limiter / Softstart buildup
Field Current & Field Voltage Regulation Modes (Manual Mode)
Autotracking between operating modes standard (between DECS-250 units)
Communications: USB 2.0 / Modbus Over Ethernet / IRIG / NTP / Profibus
Minimum Excitation Limiter (UEL) / Over Excitation limiter (OEL)
VAR and Power Factor Controllers
Generator protection features / Optional automatic synchroniser
Programmable 16 Contact inputs / 12 Contact outputs
Front panel backlit LCD display and front panel mounted USB2.0
Exciter Diode Monitoring (EDM)
Sequence of Event Recording (SER)
BESTCOMSPlus PC Software with BESTLogicPlus
Oscillography / Real time oscillography
CSA certified, UL recognized, CE compliant

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